Welcome to Iron Fist Publishing – The home of the Battlegroup Wargame Series

Welcome to Ironfist Publishing, the home of the Battlegroup series of tabletop wargames rules.


Ironfist are a small, independent publishing company who write, produce and publish high-quality tabletop wargames rules. Our first two books, Battlegroup Kursk and Battlegroup Overlord, made in association with Plastic Soldier Company, are now available. It is a set of rules for recreating battles during World War II, designed for 15mm and 20mm miniatures. In the future we hope to be adding more books to the Battlegroup series, and adding other game systems to.

Here, you will find an in-depth look at the Battlegroup Kursk book, a page of useful PDF downloads for the game, and a page of links to the wider community of the Battlegroup players and fans.

Latest News

Demo-Teams Information

We have updated information for demo-teams on the contact page. Feel free to get in touch.


Ironfist – December News Release

All is busy at the Ironfist Bunker in the run up to Christmas! Sadly not with preparing our lists for Santa, but with work on the next releases due for 2013.

Work on the provisionally titled Battlegroup Normandy continues to go very well. A lot of the work is done and the army lists are entering their final drafting stage before a second round of playtesting starts. The lists have all turned out very well and each gives players the option for a distinctive style of force. With a huge thirteen lists to choose from, players will have a ton of variety to pick from covering everything from the actual landings to the end of the campaign. Add to this specific special rules to bring out the character of  the fighting in Normandy and its promising to be a very exciting release. Soon you will be able to game storming the beaches and fight all the way to the West Wall!

Alongside this we are busy painting up forces ready for a few photo-shoots next year. Once more we hope to raise the ‘eye candy’ stakes with some great photos and artwork to inspire our players. Warwick is finally reaching the end of his Fallschirmjäger army, while Piers is battling away against stuff for 21st Panzer Division and a few more US Airborne, not to mention yet more British! Some of these figures will also feature in an upcoming Normandy demo game we have planned for early 2013.

Looking ahead, we have two demo games confirmed for Salute 2013. One by the Ironfist Demo Team will focus on a 1945 city fight on the Eastern Front, showcasing the initial development work completed on Battlegroup – Fall of the Reich. The second game is being run by the GMG Club from Kildare in Ireland who will be showcasing a Normandy game. If you are going to Salute, drop by and say hello to the team and grab a copy of Battlegroup Normandy that should be hot off the presses at that point!

In other news, work has tentatively begun on Fall of the Reich, and its going to be a very different game from the others. German players will really find the pressure is on them with this release! While Warwick has been beavering away at that, Piers has started work on a Battlegroup article covering the anti-partisan war in Yugoslavia. There is even rumours of a UK-based Kursk campaign weekend for next year in the planning! All in all, it’s pretty hectic!

So, from all here at Ironfist, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Don’t forget to visit The Guild forum for more news and discussion on the game and look out next month for another update and maybe a sneak peek at Battlegroup Normandy



I have updated the downloads pages with a new Q and A PDF, with some extra questions and answers added.

Also, just a sneak peak of one of the twelve sketches Dave Pentland has now completed for the next book.

September Update!

Well its September 2013 and nearly a year since Battlegroup Kursk was released.

At Ironfist HQ we are just about ready to send the next book, Fall of the Reich, to the printers. Once that’s on its way then the finishing touches will be put to Battlegroup Dispatches Issue 1 to hopefully have that out this autumn too.

There will also be a few more updates to the website over the coming weeks as we finally get ourselves sorted out after the summer. This will include the Overlord QRS and we are also working on an errata document for Overlord to cover common queries on the supplement.

Looking forward, the next two supplements will cover Barbarossa and Blitzkrieg. These two are being developed together to give some symmetry to our early war offerings. Both should be out during 2014. After that, the third confirmed release will be the first of two books to cover North Africa. This will cover the early period of the desert war and  the invasion of Crete.

Along with these developments,  we are also hoping to start work on designing a set of vehicle cards for the books as a handy player aid, along with a few more Battlegroup accesories.

Thats all for now, dont forget to pre-order Fall of the Reich for a chance to win the prize draw from Plastic Soldier Company!

Crisis 2013

Just back from a great show in Antwerp, always one of the best. This time we had the awesome help of the Red Barons club from Ghent who ran an excellent Fall Of the Reich demo.